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Broken Shapes 

 Performance-Theatre Centre Canada-Toronto_ Moussem Nomadic arts Centre-Co-creation: Rimah Jabr and Dareen Abbas- 2018-2020


Director: Rimah Jabr, Sculptures and video: Dareen Abbas| performance Femke Stallaert, Golce Oral Dramaturgie Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman, Esther Severi.
Producent: Natasha Greenblatt Productie: Nomadisch kunstencentrum Moussem & The Theatre Centre Toronto Co-productie: Kaaitheater, C-TAKT, d e t h e a t e r m a k e r director of photography Geert Verstraete | visual advisory/editing Teun Brock | assistant director (video) Bas Bonhof | sound Arzue Saglam, Laurens Desmet | sound recording Vincent Struelens | woodwork Yannick Castanga. 

"Broken Shapes" intertwines the writings of Rimah Jabr with the visual art of Dareen Abbas. This collaboration creates a psychogeographical journey that blurs the lines between text and set design, set against the backdrop of an occupied city. It unfolds as an autobiographical monologue, weaving together personal and collective history threads.



The main sculptural work in "Broken Shapes" designed by: Dareen Abbas is a wooden room entitled "Cube Corner" Throughout the performance, the room continuously morphs and shifts in shape and sound. This transformation is achieved through its interaction with light design and actress Femke Stallaertthat.

The piece revolves around multiple layers: the fragmented memories of the character's father (written by Rimah Jabr) as he recalls his city, and his continuous efforts to reconstruct its geography, resulting in a blend of subjective interpretation and re-imagination, a diasporic experience within one's geographical memory, Another layer pertains to the present moment of the performance itself, using a continuously morphing set design to create new sonic and performative situations.

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