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Broken Shapes

الأشكال المكسورة


‘We a dozen waxen figures are standing perfectly in a line; the abdomens look horrifyingly hollow. A lady passes by the line and gives each of us a coin. Then we start to speak, but the voice doesn’t come through our mouths, it comes from the back of our heads as if each person in the line is speaking to the one behind him/her. Then a blue light blinks above our heads. The line doesn’t move. I am at the end of it, which means that I am speaking to the void behind me. I don’t know what is happening at the front of the line. All I am sure about is the urgent feeling that I have to cross over. I don’t know where". Remah Jabr 

On the day of her father's funeral, in a city that has been occupied for decades, a young woman discovers his architectural sketches. Overwhelmed by grief, she becomes obsessed with these drawings and slowly disappears into the dream worlds and imaginary places her father created.

Boken Shapes is a hybrid theatre piece.

A union between Remah Jabr's writings and Dareen Abbas's visual work.

في يوم جنازة والدها ، في مدينة محتلة منذ عقود ، تكتشف شابة رسوماته المعمارية. تصبح مهووسة بهذه الرسومات وتختفي ببطء في عوالم الأحلام والأماكن الخيالية التي أنشأها والدها. "بروكن شايبس" هي مسرحية هجينة. تقوم على دمج و اتحاد بين كتابات المؤلفة و المخرجة  رماح جبر وعمل دارين عباس البصري.

 Jenga room

Director: Rimah Jabr, Scultpures and video: Dareen Abbas| performance Femke Stallaert, Golce Oral Dramaturgie Charlotte Corbeil-Coleman, Esther Severi
Producent: Natasha Greenblatt Productie: Nomadisch kunstencentrum Moussem & The Theatre Centre Toronto Co-productie: Kaaitheater, C-TAKT, d e t h e a t e r m a k e r
 director of photography Geert Verstraete | visual advisory/editing Teun Brock | assistant director (video) Bas Bonhof | sound Arzue Saglam, Laurens Desmet | sound recording Vincent Struelens | woodwork Yannick Castanga. 

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