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We navigate our daily lives with digital maps from one place to another, however, The transitory nature of contemporary places forbids us from having a place of our own. The constant relocation and de-location of territory limit our agency in public space by hyper-abstracting it. Every place in one's daily life is seen from a birdseye perspective. 

"Exquisite maps" is a re-appropriation of digital maps. These maps depict cityscapes, and parallel landscapes without defining where or when

 A post-war reconstruction site filled with eyes in its soil, a woman standing above shape-shifting dunes turning into animal bodies, a postindustrial city with a massive clock monitoring its rhythm.

"The techniques employed in 'Exquisite Maps' draw inspiration from the traditional etching approach. However, instead of working on a metal surface, they are 'etched' on a digital screen. The hallmark of the etching process is the layered and stratified surface that allows for 'organized chance.' Rather than drawing a shape, the focus is on delineating the space where the ink can settle, setting defined limitations. Even with these constraints, there is always an element of surprise in how the ink behaves within them.


Exquisite maps 

Experimental etching/ digital prints/ 2021_2023

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