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2020-Co-produced by Moussem Arts Centre- WIELS project room exhibition- Made in the context of Broken Shapes installation/Audio-visual- Substance behavior/Water 

The vastest liquid surface on Earth, the sea, has evolved into a politically conflictual field. Entire cities are being re-localized, and future projections indicate that whole cities may be submerged. The sea becomes a space of ambivalence; its liquidity is fascinating and horrific at the same time.

'liquid' refers to the collapse of well-defined distinctions between inside and outside, a state of being everywhere and nowhere simultaneously—brought about by the proliferation of information.


In the work 'Immersion,' we witness the submersion of city bricks underwater, complemented by the movement of a human.

“By orchestrating the encounter of water with other bodies,  one can see how water is influenced—how its form is altered when it meets another entity. the behavior of water is a non-human expression of thought.

A face, sculpture is placed side by side with the video, made by CORIAN, a plastic form altered by heat.

Team: Director of Photography: Geert Verstraete, Visual Advisory/Editing: Teun Brock, Assistant Director: Bas Bonhof, Sound: Arzue Saglam (water) Laurens Desmet (dominos), Sound Recording: Vincent Struelens, Woodwork: Yannick Castanga, Moulage: Fabienne Massart. Special thanks to Soetkin Verstegen, Gert Boel, Inblauw Hotel and Oriane Amghar, Eva Decaesstecker

This work was made in the context of Broken Shapes a collaboration between Dareen Abbas and Remah Jabr/ Production Moussem Nomadic Arts Centre 

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