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The sand clock

A transparent human figure, a sculpture made of resin,  reminiscent of an hourglass, is filled with sand and placed in a long corridor. As the sand gradually falls to the ground over the course of an hour.

The corridor itself is stratified with elongated lines, providing a visual representation of speed or perhaps heat.

This piece marked my initial exploration into the intersection of time and space. It delves into how the contemporary condition molds our experience of time, transforming it into a measurable object. 

2016/Taipei Biennale- performance, installation, lighting, sand, corridor

 Fabienne Massart/  FX Bubbles Moulage. Special thanks to Yannick Castagna, Eva Decaesstecker.

 This work was made in the context of "Taipei Biennial 2016", Taipei, Taiwan.  

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